The Weekly Focal Point – January 7, 2021

Faith & Fellowship

Fellowship with other Christians is more important than most realize. Even having the strength of an on-fire Apostle, Paul knew the importance of connecting with those who shared his commitment to Christ. He longed for time with other Christians. He saw the obstacles to fellowship as distractions from Satan himself (1Th.2:17-20). He knew that no matter how grounded in the faith he might be, there was faith-fortifying encouragement to be had by spending quality time with his brothers and sisters in Christ.

Consider Paul’s heart when he writes: “I long to see you… that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Rom.1:11-12). In the very next verse he highlights the importance of “planning” these times of connection. So what about you? Are you taking the time and “making the time” to fellowship with other disciples of Christ? Are you willing to rearrange your meal schedule or your leisure time to share it with brothers and sisters in Christ?

Make a decision today to fellowship, not just at church, but in your home, the restaurant or the ballpark. You might find that your faith could use the encouragement.

–Pastor Mike


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