The Biblical Way – January 10

Read Genesis 28

In today’s reading:

The Abrahamic Covenant is bestowed upon Jacob; the vision of the staircase; the trip to Padan-aram; Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel

C hen Isaac realized that God had disowned his plan to give the birthright Esau and Jacob not because God had changed: “Isaac trembled violently” (Genesis 27:33). He consulted with Rebekah, not to accuse her of having done something unfair, but to decide how best to plan for Jacob’s future. They did not want Jacob to be like Esau, who violated the Word of God and married an idolatrous woman, “And Rebekah said to Isaac. . . If Jacob takes a wife. . . of the daughters of this land, what do I want life for? ” (27:46).«Then Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him, and commanded him, saying, Do not take a wife from the daughters of Canaan. Get up, go to Padan-aram. . . and take there a wife of the daughters of Laban, your mother’s brother. And the Almighty God bless you, and make you bear fruit. . . and give you the blessing of Abraham, and your descendants with you ” (28: 1-4). This was a clear admission of the wrong Isaac had done in trying to defraud Jacob.

However, Esau was quick to blame Jacob for his problems by saying, “. . . and behold now (Jacob) has taken my blessing ” (27:36). Esau was not very different from any other sinner who irresponsibly likes to blame other people for his failures.

Isaac lived 43 years after trying to thwart God’s plan, but nothing can be found in writing to show that God tried to use him again. But for Jacob nonetheless, his remarkable blessings began from the first night he left his parents’ home.

Without a map and without a companion, but according to God’s perfect plan, Jacob left his parents’ house, to make a journey of more than 804 kilometers, and reach Padan-aram safely. Wonderfully, God guided him to Rachel and to the home of  (her) mother’s father” (28: 2), where he was well received.

Thus, like all of us who live to please the Lord, Jacob was also consecrated for that purpose. When we believers realize this great truth, our attitude changes towards our spouse, the workplace, physical limitations, and the difficult times of this life, being able to see everything in the will of God.

As time passed, Joseph, the son of Jacob, would be sold as a slave by his brothers. But we see that, 20 years later, Joseph would say to them: “You thought evil against me, but God directed it for good” (Genesis 50:20).

Thought for today:Eternal treasures are reserved for all who leave the pleasures of this world behind to do the will of God.

Optional reading:  Matthew 10

Memory Verse of the Week:  Psalms 100: 1-2 Browse All Ministries  

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