Turning Point – January 1-14

Obey The Coach

When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary as his wife. Matthew 1:24

Earl Weaver, a former Baltimore Orioles coach, had a rule: No bases should be stolen without him giving the signal. The great Reggie Jackson decided to steal second base without getting a signal from Weaver. And although Jackson was successful, Weaver called him aside after the game and explained two negative ways his “successful steal” had affected the game. Jackson had only seen his own wish, while Weaver had watched the entire set.

Sometimes those in authority ask us to do something that we don’t understand. Like children, we ask “Why?” many times. The maturing Christian learns that God can explain His reasons to us at times, but not at other times (Deuteronomy 29:29). Knowing that God sees everything gives us a solid foundation to obey him.

Think of José and the moment he learned that his fiancée, María, was pregnant before the wedding. Though it caused him public humiliation and made it difficult for him to face people, Joseph obeyed God’s command to remain committed to the young woman.

When we are tempted to go in our own direction, let us remember that God is always looking at the whole game.

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