12:26 am.

Took some meds today and my semi flu is a little better. I found myself looking at the boxes full of stuff I did not realized I have accumulated over the last 4 years plus.

I couldn’t do anything today. Toby was supposed to check the cars garage but he just watched television but, earlier today I found out new Church. Is a small church in the new town 10 minutes away from where we live. My realtor lady sing in the church with the band and I was again amazed by God’s ways and timing. Perfect timing perfect place. I love little churches where u can know people faster and learn if prayer needs and more. My agent introduced me to their prayers leaders and they have a group that helps drug addicts.

God thought me to still be generous

but not at the I’m grateful and needs prayers that this sell is God’s Will

point where I can’t make my bills.

I found out that is my calling now this time in my lifetime. After going to church a few time they will use me because of the experience I had in Celebrate Recovery Calvary Chapel ft Lauderdale fir 3 years in the leadership. There so much need for love out there in the world.. Jesus kind of love for those that regular people find unreachable. I always serve under the power of the Holy Spirit and I cannot wait until I will be able to love others and testify of God’s Grace. Well I posted a little earlier. I’m still sick a 4th packed and need a storage unite. Too much stuff. Some I will give away the rest my new home been so small will have to fit in an outside storage so when we receive the money for our home sale we can buy a storage and put a lit in there. I wish I felt a lot better but between moving packing for the 20, my date of moving. We can stay until the 25 but I have a Lady coming to clean spotless, I hope new 2 bedrooms rental duplex what the view on the canal. Is half the size of the home I’m selling. God is in control and will close the contract the 25. We made a great investment and will clear enough money to give some to people I know needs it then for the first time in my life almost 66 years old,put AWAY.

I feel responsible to help those that I rented rooms to do we are having a friend that has been almost 8 years with us move in with us. I will help my friend to move to her dream one bedroom apartment by the beach. One block. She live to get up early and worship. I’m lazy and take downers so I’m s might person and sleep in.

God is good to us and I’m in awe. His love is an Agape love I will never be able to give in this lifetime but, I am ready to learn how to love ❤️😘 betterby the Grace of God. He took me away from a life of sin and pain and Jesus is my one and only love before my husband and children. He looks after me and has I realized later in life, put His angels around me since I was mentally ill since I was a little girl. It took a cancer to my mom to break all barriers I put between God and I over the painful and sinful years and I was born again April 22 19 something, lol 24 years ago I’m now almost 66 make the meth. Thank you for your perseverance with me never leaving me. I love to post about the Lord and His Miracles in my life. My hope that some of my posts will encourage and make them think again about Jesus our Lord and Savior. To Him goes all the Glory. When I get a message about someone been touched I thank God. I’m praying almost daily for all of you.my follower and those I follow. God is very good indeed. Turn to Jesus, let go of yourselves and let God and His Will to be your as well. It took me a long time to believe I was lived but I finally understood the power of His live. By Grace we are Saved. Give Jesus your hearts and have a new adventures life. Stay strong in trials because there is when we are refined.like previous silver. God IS good and He loves u all very much. God bless goodnight/day to all. Hope you read this and don’t get bored. I’m not a real writer and most of you are. I try to stay humble and do my part.

💕 you all in Christ Jesus 💞



Child of God.

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