5 Signs You Are in a Controlling Relationship

Don’t waste time in a bad relationship that could ruin your life. Here are five signs that you’re in a controlling relationship.
people marriage problems

Do you feel like you can’t breathe? Does everything you say feel like it’s under attack or being scrutinized? Are your choices being eliminated before you’ve even had a chance to decide? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then the odds are you’re in a controlling relationship. Don’t waste time in a bad relationship that could ruin your life. Here are five signs that you’re in a controlling relationship.

You Make No Decisions


Does your significant other make all of the decisions? If you’re answer is yes, then there is a serious problem within your relationship – or lack thereof. It’s important that you do not lose yourself when you’re in a commitment – meaning you should always have a say and it’s important that you don’t lose your identity because of another being. Partners are supposed to bring out the best of each other, not control every move.

You’ve Been Isolated


Has your partner isolated you away from your friends and family? Time and growth may cause separation amongst your friends however, if you no longer communicate with anyone except for your significant other than there is a deep issue. An individual, no matter how special they may be, should cause a gap between you and your loved ones. Remember you need a strong circle of friends and family because they act as positive reinforcement and add meaning to your life.

You Make Up Excuses


Do you find yourself constantly making excuses for your partner’s possessiveness? It is physically and emotionally unhealthy for you to constantly vouch for your partner’s possessive nature. If you have to create excuses for their selfish behavior then you must acknowledge the larger problem at hand. It’s not healthy for someone to have all of the control in a relationship. Ask yourself why you feel the need to illustrate excuses. Are you afraid for your well-being? Are you concerned with what others are thinking? Are you afraid to leave your partner? Take all of those questions into consideration, identify the reason behind your excuses and take the appropriate action to dismiss this behavior entirely.

There is No Trust


Is one person in control of the relationship because there are underlying trust issues? Trust is one of the key components to the foundation of a relationship – without trust, there is no relationship. Couples have to work together to build and continue trust. No one should have complete control of a relationship because they are incapable of trusting the other. Trust has to exist for a relationship to last a lifetime, otherwise you must come to terms that this is a temporary part of your life.

You Argue About Control

people couple arguing

If control issues are a consistent argument within your relationship then it’s pretty apparent that there are serious control issues that need to be addressed. Each person should write down the issues that they have in regards to control and each party needs to agree to calmly discuss the matter at hand. A healthy relationship should be possess balance and the ability to create realistic goals and solutions. It’s important for both individuals to give up control in order to find a healthy balance.

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