21 thoughts on “Via Dolorosa

      1. Thank you Andrew I appreciate it. I have been wrong on and off but cannot edit so I just have part of my memoir I have been wanting to write in a folder on my laptop. I need help. Can u help??😊


          1. Thank u I send you a little if you want to give me your email address . I’m not posting because I hope to eventually finish it and God willing sell a few copies to women with my sinful and painful past


    1. Hi pat, your Memoir is excellent. once the manuscript is completed, the next step is look for a professional free lance book editor to edit, touch up, proof read and lay out your book. You will also need to find a professional free lance book cover editor to design thecbook cover. After that send it to a printer. You should be able to find one from the internet or through friend’s recommendation. God bless, Andrew


        1. Do not worry about typos, spelling, and grammar. A professional free lance editor will be able to tidy it up until it can be published. You will have to pay him for this. Choose one who charge reasonable fee. You can choose one from the internet or ask your friends to recommend someone.


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