Daily Food – January 12


So it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only to avoid punishment but also for reasons of conscience. Romans 13: 5

Cliff Edwards was the voice of Jiminy Cricket, the animated cricket that made Pinocchio aware.

We do not have a cricket as a conscience, but we do have a God-given sense of right and wrong.

This is a concept that modern man does not like very much, because he thinks that conscience, along with sin, guilt, ethics and morals, are things that belong to a distant land.

Apparently, no one had told Wayne that he shouldn’t pay attention to his conscience. I tell you his story. Wayne doesn’t have a job, which means he has nothing to pay for his rent and debts, or to buy food.

Under such circumstances, Wayne did something sinful, dangerous, and illegal: he was an accessory to the robbery of $ 3,688 from a bank.

Although he managed to escape without being discovered, his conscience did not leave him calm. The day after the robbery, Wayne thought about what he had done and felt so bad about himself that he fell ill. It was then that he decided to surrender to the police.

If Wayne’s story had been part of a movie or book, something would have happened at this point that would have changed his mind. But in this case, it was God who made him see his sin, so Wayne looked up directions to get to the County Jail and walked, yes, he walked five miles to go turn himself in and return the money he had stolen.

It was one of those moments when the angels in heaven were glad because a sinner had repented. We too can rejoice that no one was hurt in the robbery, because Wayne’s conscience did its job… and because the Lord triumphed.

Most likely, Wayne will have to pay his debt to society, but his debt before the Father has already been paid by Jesus… just as our debt has also been paid. And for this the angels are also happy.

THE PRAYER:  Lord God, we thank you for rescuing sinners like Wayne and us. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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