Vertical Connection – January 12

Just sorry?

“Then, having sinned and offended, he will restore what he stole, or the damage of slander, or the deposit entrusted to him, or the loss that he found …” – Leviticus 6: 4

True repentance means “Restitution.” In other words, every wrong attitude we take brings its consequences, which we must maturely assume. For example; If we have broken something very expensive, we cannot just ask the owner for forgiveness. That will not be enough. We have to pay in cash! That is Restitution!

Unfortunately it is very easy to destroy and hurt, but how difficult it is to rebuild and heal wounds. God not only wants you to ask for forgiveness, but to be able to repay the damages, of course when this is still possible. If we have spoken badly of someone, not only must we remain silent after asking for forgiveness, but now we have the responsibility to speak well of that person, in contexts similar to those of the moment we criticized.

“Therefore thus says the Lord: If you turn, I WILL RESTORE you, and you will stand before Me; and if you separate the precious from the vile, you will be like my mouth. Convert them to you, and you do not convert to them. ” Jeremiah 15:19

Restore means; “To transform something back to its origin”. Sin and the mistakes we make deform the image of God in us. God wants to restore your life and He also wants to use you. Let him restore and separate the precious from the vile in your life. Now is the time to obey God, because in the same way that you restore others God will restore you.

If you are truly sorry for the mistakes you made, because you have hurt someone, I am sure that you have already asked God and that person for forgiveness, but it is important that you understand that it is not enough. You would need to restore, start again. Not only is praying for them, but you also need to do practical things that show your true love and repentance.

I understand that it is not an easy task to close these doors that you have left open, not being able to solve these problems in due time. But today I encourage you to make a decision and although we know that taking the first step is never easy, it is healthy and important for your life. If there is something that was pending, take advantage and restore it, remember that God wants to work with you in the same way.

May your actions speak much louder than your words.

Remember: Leave the past in the past and start Restituting!

Shirley chambi

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