The King Who Left His Throne – With Divine Design – The Week of January 13

With Divine Design

The King who left his throne

From God’s Word:  “Instead, he renounced his divine privileges; he assumed the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being ”(Philippians 2: 7 NLT).

Christmas music holds a special place in my heart. Maybe because it brings back memories of my childhood, my grandparents, their house, the church where I grew up and to which, at that moment, I had to go secretly … a story for another time. Anyway, thinking about the hymns and Christmas carols, I decided that I wanted to write articles using the lyrics of some as a theme and that is why I start today with this one that has always been one of my favorites and that, like almost everything we learn as children, It has not been erased from my mind.

You left your throne and crown for me

when coming to Bethlehem to be born.

But it was not given to you to enter the inn,

and they made you be born in a manger.

When she wrote it, its author Emily Elliott wanted to make the meaning of Christmas and the advent of Jesus clearer for the children of their father’s parish in Brighton, England, in the 19th century. And I think he did it not only for the children but for us as well. Think how many things about the first Christmas are contained in that verse.

On an intellectual level we understand the fact that Jesus left his heavenly status and came to earth, but have you ever thought about what it implies? Let’s give wings to the imagination for a moment.

Imagine that you live in a great palace, you are the queen and you enjoy all the privileges that your title grants you. Unparalleled beauty surrounds you, everything evokes an air of perfection. Gold and silver are as normal to you as the air we breathe. You do not need to worry about anything because all your needs are covered and just by opening your mouth, someone is ready to make your wishes come true … how wonderful!

However, suddenly one day things change and you have to put all that aside. Now you have to live with ordinary people. You will have to eat what is available, no more gourmet dinners or dishes made to order. Your wardrobe consists of a pair of dresses without any color, worn and out of fashion. And, above all things, you have to work to exhaustion. At bedtime, no comfortable mattresses, no down pillows or duvets. A hard bed, in a shared room. You had to leave your throne.

That is what happened to Jesus, but on a much larger scale. I do not believe that our finite mind

can ever understand. To one side was his golden crown, the next time he wore a crown it would be of thorns, buried in his skin. No more fine linen garments, to be born they would wrap him in simple swaddling clothes, no silver embroidery or precious lace. For his arrival there was not even a small room available in some inn in town. His first room would be a smelly barn. For a royal entourage he would have astonished and curious shepherds; sheep, perhaps donkeys, some horses, that did not belong to him … he would simply share the space with them.

In addition, he was born in the least relevant place, a small town without fanfare or tourist attractions. But, in this way he fulfilled a prophecy made seven centuries earlier: Jesus would be born in Bethlehem.

But you, O Bethlehem Efrata, are only a small village among all the people of Judah. However, in my name, a ruler for Israel will come out of you, whose origins go from eternity. ” (Micah 5: 2).

All this was lived by Christ so that today we can celebrate the greatest event in history, God made man. He left his throne and his crown for you and me. That is why we celebrate Christmas. And know? The reality is that the day of the year does not matter. The important thing is that Christ was born, how not to celebrate it!

I want to finish with the chorus of the hymn.

Come into my heart, oh Christ,

Well, there is room for you in it.

Is that your reality? Are you really making room for Christ in your heart or haven’t you done so yet? Could it be that like that night in Bethlehem we are giving way to many other things and there is no room for Jesus? I invite you to reflect on this question! And I also want to exhort you to not forget in the middle of Christmas that the celebration is precisely because the King left his throne and crown for you and me.

(You can read more about it in “The Heart of Christmas,” now available here in print for the first time).

© 2019 Wendy Bello
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