Almost moved in

Taking a break after putting something’s away in the new home.

I can’t believe how much we have accumulated in 4 years in the old home. I will miss the pool but the view is great.

Now Toby and a friend are moving my friend Nattie to her place. Nattie was with us for over a year. God set everything up perfectly as usual. I sold y home myself because the Realtor was busy. I’m proud of myself. God gave me the gift of gab. I was able to sell my beautiful ❤️🌹 home to the FIRST couple I showed it to. I told my husband I should have a percentage on the sale, just kidding l. I live my Realtor. God put her in my life for many reasons as He does for those He loves . Not only she sent the Client, she introduced me to her Church that I love ❤️. I was looking for a new Church since I stepped out if the Celebrate Recovery leadership. I’m truly happy I did that. I want love to be real and I did not feel lived there. I needed a d asked the Lord for a small Church and thanks to Helena my Realtor and beautiful 🌹 Christian Singer. She is an amazing woman. and smart, a very educated and humble woman. God Is very good indeed.

Thank you all for following me even these last few days when I posted little or nothing at all. I will be back soon I will try to post something tonight and prepare a little for tomorrow. I will be up late but I want to share what God gives me to share. I trust the sites I use to post and I like at times to give you posts that make you think and challenge you. I love ❣️ you all and pray for you daily. Thanks for your patience. 🤗 Hugs,



Child of God

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