Encounter with Jesus – January 19

HEC HOS 9 .1-16

The apostle Paul had a strong purpose to know and serve Jesus Christ. His passion and love for the Lord were evident: the Lord Jesus was always at the center of his thoughts, whether he was working as a tentmaker, preaching to a crowd, or even in chains in prison. What fueled your love for the Lord?

The Apostle Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus was a motivating force in his life. Grateful for the gift of grace he had received by being saved, the apostle told many people about the encounter he had had with the risen Christ, and the impact it had on him. We, too, have a story to tell about God’s mercy in saving us, and the new life we ​​have in him.

Paul’s fervor also originated in his firm conviction that the gospel message was authentic, and that it was available to all ( Jn 3:16). On the cross, Christ took all our sins — past, present, and future — onto himself (1 P 2.24). he suffered our punishment so that we could receive forgiveness and have a right relationship with God. Through faith in Christ we have been born again, and the Holy Spirit who dwells in us helps us every day ( Jn 14.26). The more we understand what Jesus did for us, the greater our passion to share the gospel.

Developing unwavering faith takes time and energy, in addition to the purpose of obeying God. Regular study of the Bible will strengthen your faith and give you the courage to share it. And taking an interest in the spiritual well-being of others will move you to action. Do you have a passion to serve God wherever He leads you? Do you have a passion to serve God wherever He leads you?

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