The Truth For Today – January 19

January 19

Known for obedience

According to the commandment of the eternal God … to obey the faith.

Romans 16:26

Did you know that it is not faith plus obedience that equals salvation, but obedient faith that equals salvation? True faith is proven in your obedience to God.

Since Jesus Christ is Lord, He demands obedience. There is no faith without obedience. Paul said to the Christians in Rome: “I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, that your faith is being spread throughout the world” (Rom. 1: 8). And why was his faith spread throughout the world? Romans 16:19 explains: “Your obedience has become known to all.” At first, it is your faith that spreads, but in the end it is your obedience.

Faith that excludes obedience will save no one. Such deception causes many to enter the broad road that leads to destruction (Mt. 7: 13-14). That is like building a religious superstructure on sand (Mt. 7: 21-29).

Base your life on obedience to Christ. Then you will know that you belong to Him.

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