Get Your Confidence Back – High Impact Living with Pastor Rick McDaniel – February 3, 2021


In Zephaniah 3:17 it says, “The Lord your God wins victory after victory and is always with you. He celebrates and sings because of you. And he will refresh your life with his love.”

Your confidence always takes a big hit when you have a setback. When you lose your job, it shakes you. When your spouse walks out the door, it rocks you. When your health fails, it scares you.

The Pandemic has certainly been a shocking experience. No one started out last year thinking it would turn out the way it did. But it impacted all of us in varying degrees. You were not singled out.

Setbacks have a way of affecting your confidence like nothing else and confidence is crucial to a comeback. Confidence is the expectation that you will succeed and is the power that propels you to a comeback.

You have to restore your confidence, your courage, and your edge. People who make comebacks are people who have restored their confidence.

Having confidence should come easier when you know the Bible is telling you that your God is going to win victory after victory and is always with you. You can base your confidence on the reality of who God is.

Confidence helps you to take advantage of new opportunities. Comebacks always come with new opportunities. People who stay in the setback, who allow the setback to become a step back, are people who watch opportunities go by without seizing them. They do not take advantage of these opportunities because they lack confidence.

A lack of confidence keeps you from making the decisions you need to make. Your comeback will be in part about opportunities and the decisions you make about those opportunities. Some people are so negatively impacted by their setbacks that they are paralyzed and cannot make new, better decisions.

Everybody has setbacks; no one is immune. You cannot allow the setback to define you or rob you of your confidence to step into new beginnings and new opportunities.

There is a do-over and a start-over for everyone! God will be with you, but you have to take advantage of those opportunities and act on them. Action comes from confidence, from believing that you can have a comeback. And you absolutely, positively can.

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