Daily Food – February 9

It can happen

Let us care for each other in order to stimulate each other to love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

A commercial on television shows a person watching while another person does an act of charity for another person. Feeling inspired, the observer does something good for another person.

Apart from promoting a certain product, the commercial says: “Good things can happen if we all do something good.”

One reader of these devotions wrote: “A few months ago, a coworker started sending a Bible verse each morning to the few other coworkers he knew were Christians. When I found out, I asked him to put me on his list as well. Since then, the list has continued to grow, and right now there are more than 40… 40 people who take the opportunity to talk and discuss what the verse of the day means to each of us.

What I like the most is that we have now added a daily prayer list. It is nice to see that no one is ashamed to ask for prayers, either for encouragement because they are going through difficulties, for gratitude for something nice that happened to them, for strength and fortitude for some challenge they are facing.

It is almost unbelievable that a group of people (most of whom we do not know personally), have formed a bond in Christ, and we are praying and encouraging each other. “

In closing, the reader of these devotions wrote:

“I share all of this in the hope that perhaps other people will do the same. It may start with a simple email between two people, but it has the potential to grow into something so much bigger. ”

And he is right. Starting with a tax collector, some fishermen, a political activist, a murderer, and a handful of other disciples, the Holy Spirit has turned the world around. The same can be done through you.

Share a Bible verse with others… or this devotion. Let them know about the Savior who went to death so that we may have life, and who rose again so that we can live forever.

THE PRAYER:  Almighty Lord, use me to lead others to Jesus. Open their eyes so that they see his love reflected in everything I do in my life. In her name. Amen.

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