Encounter with Jesus – February 9

Febre Rom 8 /9

DANIEL 1.1-21

Although our circles of influence vary in size, we all have the power to influence others for better or for worse. Whether at home, in church, or in the world, our lives are in the sight of many. Most of the time we are not even aware of who we are affecting with our words, attitudes and actions.

Daniel was not meant to impress others, but something about his personality affected everyone who came in contact with him, from the humblest servants to kings of empires. What distinguished this young man was his commitment to his convictions. He believed in the absolute truth of the Scriptures. When he was taken to Babylon, he “made up his mind” not to contaminate himself with the king’s food, because he knew that eating meat offered to idols was forbidden by the Mosaic law.

It was Daniel’s convictions, not his surroundings, that determined his behavior. Our world offers a multitude of ways to compromise on what we know to be right, but if we choose to follow our convictions, we can also stand firm in obedience to God. Although this incredulous world may mock our values ​​and lifestyle, its respect for us diminishes when we waver and give in to temptations. And the worst thing is that our testimony as followers of Christ is destroyed.

Conviction of God’s truth is like an anchor. When the winds of opinion blow, and the waves of temptation hit us, we can know with certainty the correct way to respond. Don’t waver in your obedience to the Lord. Your firm position in defense of what is right can powerfully influence others. Conviction of God’s truth is like an anchor.

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