The NIV 365 Day Devotional

Duration: 365 days


The Bible reveals that God created male and female, and that all mankind are descendants of that first pair. While Eve was deceived by the serpent, and the first to violate the divine regulations governing their life (2:16–17; 3:6), the Word of God holds Adam as the disobedient one, who knowingly broke trust with God (Ro 5:12,171Ti 2:14). This fact does not intimate that the woman was less intelligent or more vulnerable to deception than the man, but that under the circumstances in which the fall of man occurred, deception of the woman preceded active disobedience of the man.

It is a remarkable token of divine grace that God, in his mercy and in his giving of the first promise of a Deliverer/Messiah (Ge 3:15), chose to bring this about by the offspring of the woman. In short, the one first scarred by sin is selected to be the one first promised to become an instrument of God’s redemptive working.

The birth of Seth, the “child” given to replace the murdered Abel, was the first in the “bloodline” that will trace to the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Eve’s distinct place in the failure of the first couple becomes the soil in which God’s mercy plants the first seed of promise. The message is obvious: God is able to “bless . . . abundantly” any of us. However deep the failure, Eve’s testimony declares God’s grace goes deeper yet.

Taken from NIV New Spirit-Filled Life Bible©2017 HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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