Vertical Connection – February 9

Very nearly….“And the Lord spoke to Moses that same day, saying, Go up to this mountain of Abarim, to Mount Nebo, situated in the land of Moab that is opposite Jericho, and look at the land of Canaan, which I am giving as an inheritance to the children. of Israel ”- Deuteronomy 32: 48-49 When I read in the Bible, the story of Moses, and especially his ending, it leaves me with a rather bitter taste. Moses, being a Hebrew, had been raised in Egypt, being groomed with the best of this land for a position of authority. However, at one point he was forced to leave this place of privilege, because of a bad decision. Moses, a man with a gentle heart, had killed an Egyptian man and this led him to flee, fearing punishment. In this process, God gave him a tremendously great mission; free his people from slavery. He did not feel prepared for stuttering problems, until he finally accepted what God was entrusting him with. But nothing was easy for Moses, they were forty endless years of desert. Living with the complaint and murmuring of his people. He himself had seen again and again the support of God, giving them manna every day, making water flow from the desert, opening the Red Sea so that the people could pass safely and closing it again to eliminate the enemy that was pursuing them. Nor can we forget the cloud during the day and the pillar of fire at night. Otherwise God’s people would have perished in the desert because of the heat and cold. Despite all this, the people of God doubted and murmured before every trial, and they did so not only against God, but they went with all their claims before Moses. I imagine a difficult situation for this leader, who in addition to overcoming the personal giants of fear, complexes, doubts and excuses, had to endure the constant complaint and discouragement of the people. This leader of Israel was fine but at one point, he had a bad reaction that displeased God, and this attitude cost him not being able to enter the promised land, he was only allowed to see it from afar. What a shame, for Moses, with everything he endured, with everything he did, he stayed with him almost … he almost entered the promised land, but he had to settle for seeing it from afar. Perhaps the reflection that we can make of this story, would be “he hardly serves you… ..” I almost obtained a university degree, I only missed a few subjects…. I almost allowed God to change my character, I almost converted … I almost obeyed God with that call … I was about to tell that person that I have to ask for his forgiveness, but I didn’t … How many times did we do almost everything … but we stayed halfway, seeing from afar the promises that God gave us. Give up discouragement, backbiting, complaining and every feeling that makes you think of lowering your arms and giving up. This race of faith is not for those who run but for those who reach the goal. That today we can make the decision to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves in the Lord, he definitely hardly serves us.  Daniel Zangaro RD Department CoordinatorThe following credit, by obligation, is required for use by other sources: This article was produced by Radio Cristiana CVCLAVOZ.

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