Encounter with Jesus – February 11

February 11

Lord, I love you, but …

HEBREWS 6.10-12

Most of us are quick to say that we love God, but sometimes our willingness to serve him is another story. Think honestly if you ever thought or said: I love you Lord, but don’t call me to do that! Or maybe it served him well, but with the wrong attitude. What makes us reluctant servants?

Businesses : Sometimes our schedules are so full that there is no room to obey the Lord when He calls us to serve. We all need to have “allowances” of time in our lives if we want to submit to God’s will.

The feeling of incompetence . Perhaps you do not feel qualified to serve, and you think: Surely there is someone more talented than me who could do that job . But that’s just an excuse; the Lord promises to equip those he calls (2 Cor 3.4-6).

Selfishness . Service that involves sacrifice is never comfortable. It may demand that we change our plans, give up our comforts, or even make financial sacrifices.

Lack of love . What is most difficult for us to recognize is that we just don’t care enough. Our reluctance to serve others reveals a lack of love for the Lord. Those who love Christ with all their hearts will joyfully serve Him by helping people in their family, their work, their community, and their church.

Are you quick to obey the Lord when a need arises, or are you a reluctant servant concerned only with your own plans and desires? Any service you do in the name of Jesus will not be in vain. You will experience the joy of giving, and the assurance that the Lord will not forget your sacrifice.

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