Turning Point – February 1-14

Home Before Dark

Teach me, LORD, to follow your decrees, and I will keep them to the end.  Psalm 119: 33

It would be nice if the power of temptation diminished as we get older, but there are no guarantees with age. King David was fifty years old when he fell into sin with Bathsheba, and at that time fifty years was much longer than now, since the life expectancy was shorter. The hot blood of youth no longer ran through David’s veins, but he still fell into sin.

Middle age and old age have their own set of temptations, and we must never let our guard down. It is true that we should grow in intelligence and strength as we age. We should grow in grace. But don’t think that you will ever be immune from temptation in this life, no matter your age.

J. Oswald Sanders writes: “Nothing is easier for the person who is getting older and older and experiencing some depression as a result than to become self-absorbed and care only for himself. That mental attitude only compounds the problem. It is when we purposefully reject our own grief, our pain, and keep busy helping others, that we will gain our own relief.

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