Treasures of the Word – February 15

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Romans 5:18: “So then, as through one trespass came condemnation to all men, in the same way through one righteousness came justification of life to all men.”


One day Abraham Lincoln was in a slave market and he looked at a beautiful young slave who was being sold at a public auction. Lustful men were bidding, so Lincoln started bidding in turn. Eventually, it was sold to Lincoln. He took the sales certificate and handed it to her saying, “You are free.” She asked him, “What do you mean by ‘free’?” He replied: “You are free.” She continued to ask, “Free to do what you want to do?” He replied, “Yes.” “Free to say what you want to say?” He replied, “Yes.” “Free to go anywhere to go?” He replied, “Yes.”“Then I’m going with you.”

Friend, Jesus has given you your freedom. You have been redeemed by his precious blood. And in gratitude, your life should be dedicated to Him.


Who do you know who is enslaved by sin today? Share with that person the liberating and redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

This devotional comes from the messages of Dr. Adrián Rogers of the Ministry THE LOVE THAT IS WORTH

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