Daily Food – February 16


But thank God that, although before they were slaves of sin, they have already submitted from the heart to the teaching that was transmitted to them. Indeed, having been freed from sin, you are now slaves of justice. Romans 6: 17-18

12 years ago, when he was 78 years old, Dr. Swanson decided that he was not going to retire. Instead, he told his wife: “I always enjoyed being able to help people; I have no hobby … maybe I can serve abroad.

His wife Berniece told him, “You don’t need to go elsewhere to do missionary work.” The good doctor followed the advice of his good wife, and since then he has been seeing about 150 patients every week … without charging them anything for the consultation.

His commitment is such that he often tells his patients: “Only if they see me drop dead in the hallway, I won’t be here tomorrow to treat them.”

This doctor has understood well what Paul says in the text for today: who before was a slave of sin, has become a slave of justice.

When I was serving as a pastor, I met many people like Dr. Swanson. They were the ones who went to church every week and did the things that no one else did: the ones who put together the bulletins for the worship services, the ones who cut the lawns, painted the halls, fixed the missing faucets, taught the children, they put together the Christmas tree, etc.

The list is almost endless, because each of them had their own special way of showing their gratitude to the Lord Jesus for what he had done in their life.

And that’s what we’re talking about… thanking Jesus, who came into the world to give his life as a living sacrifice to obtain forgiveness and the salvation of our souls. When we know all that Jesus did for us, we cannot help but show our gratitude for Christ’s life, his suffering, his cruel death on the cross, and his glorious resurrection.

Seeing what Jesus has done for us is part of what transforms redeemed and rescued believers from being slaves of darkness into willing slaves of justice… slaves who offer their lives in gratitude to the Lord of life.

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, you fulfilled the law, resisted temptation, and conquered death for us. To do all that, you gave up the glories of heaven, and became human. Have all who believe in you use the gifts you have given them to express their gratitude and to witness your grace. In your name. Amen.

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