Encounter with Jesus – February 16

February 16

Accepting God’s Gift of Love

1 John 4: 7-12

Many people simply cannot believe that God loves them. Others do believe that He loves them, but only when they please Him in some way. Why is it so difficult for us to accept your unconditional love?

One reason is because we find it difficult to love others unconditionally. We can say the words “I love you” to our spouse, our children, friends, co-workers, or brothers in the faith, but all too often by mentally calculating whether or not they have lived up to our standards. Sometimes we excuse ourselves from loving certain people because their behavior annoys or irritates us. The fact that we place restrictions, or offer our favor, leads us to assume, erroneously, that the Lord does the same.

Another reason is low self-esteem. Feeling unworthy, we refuse to accept God’s love. Do you know what? None of us are worthy of the heavenly Father’s goodness and mercy. therefore, you can get rid of that excuse once and for all. We come to Him not because of our worth, but in His grace, and our position is secure in Christ. To consider yourself “below his grace” is to trample on his loving and generous gift. God arranged an amazing way for us to be reconciled to Him, and His greatest desire is to connect with each one of us.

If you don’t feel loved, or if you have trouble accepting yourself, ask the Holy Ghost to show you the truth of Heavenly Father’s love for you. He can bring that truth deep into your heart and help you see your true worth. 

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