February 16th

Our defense mechanism

If in my heart I had looked at iniquity, the Lord would not have listened to me.

Psalm 66:18

According to today’s verse, you cannot even converse with God, much less grow spiritually, if you harbor sins in your heart. That is why confession is so essential.

You must first be willing to accept God’s punishment for your sin. If you think He is being rough, you should examine your life to see if it is worth it. For the same reason that parents should punish a child’s bad behavior, God punishes you so that you do not repeat your mistakes.

God has also put a system of guilt on you for your own good. The spiritual life without a sense of guilt would be like the physical life without pain. The sense of guilt is a defense mechanism; it is like an alarm that works to guide you to confession when you sin. It is when you have to confront your sin and acknowledge before God that it is an affront to Him. That recognition must be part of your life before you can grow spiritually, as it removes the sin that is holding you back. 

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