Encounter with Jesus – February 19

February 19

Life in freedom

Romans 6: 1-14

When Eve accepted Satan’s proposal for greater independence from God, do you think she had more freedom? The answer is obvious. She, Adam, and all of humanity became slaves of sin from that moment on. What seemed excellent in the garden turned out to be fatal slavery.

Although Christ has freed believers from the bondage of sin, many times, like Eve, we long for the “freedom” to do what we want. So every time we give in to sinful desires, we behave like slaves instead of living like free children of God. The Lord has given us his Holy Spirit; if we surrender to his direction, he gives us the power to say no to sin.

The consequences of going back to our old ways are devastating. We will sink further into the bondage of sin, we will lose the peace and joy of fellowship with Christ, we will grieve the Holy Spirit, and we will find ourselves under the corrective hand of God. In reality, we can become an obstacle to serving God. Whenever you fall into the hypocrisy of living like the world does, you spoil your testimony. Your friends, family, and co-workers are watching you. If they see no difference between you and them, why would they wish they had the Savior that you have?

If Satan tells you that God’s prohibitions are depriving you of something good, remember what happened to Eve. The freedom to do what we want is slavery to ego and sin. Only when we live within God’s limits can we experience true freedom.

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