Daily Food – February 21

Treasure hunt

Wherever your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Matthew 6:21 (6: 16-21)

I once heard a colleague say the following: “Your God is the one to whom you dedicate your time, and in whom you invest your money.” This phrase makes me think that we are more idolatrous than we think, something that is not new at all. Jesus already saw idolatry in his contemporaries. He was present in their prayer practices, in their fasting, and in their good works. Some had double intentions: they wanted to look good to God, while being admired by their neighbors. Others had only one intention: to feed their vanity, pretending pity to others. For this they invested time and money to worship themselves, thus accumulating superfluous and cheap earthly treasures before God, treasures that enrich no one.

We are not very different: we get caught up in the things that shine a bit and the flattery that makes us feel good and that feeds our pride for a moment. It is not wrong to have a proper appreciation of who we are and have, or for others to encourage us with words of encouragement. The problem arises when we dedicate our time, our efforts, and our resources to being approved by others.

Where is our heart? Jesus exhorts us to seek the things of God, to invest our time and resources in studying his Word, participating in Holy Communion, and constantly supporting one another. The treasure of his Word enriches our hearts by making it shine in such a way that only the Father in heaven can see it. The heart that shines with God’s grace, beats in a different way: it is a grateful, simple heart, focused on the eternal treasure that, according to Jesus, no one can take away from us.

My treasure hunt is over. Jesus found me. I do not need more.

Thank you, Father, because you made all the riches of heaven accessible to us. Help us to treasure them properly. Amen.

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