A Legacy that Blesses Others

On February 25th was the three year mark of my mom’s entry to heaven. I miss her dearly but am glad she’s in a better place. As I look back, I am truly thankful for the time she was down here with me and my family.

She was a true joy, an encourager, loved crafts and arts, and classical music. She also loved listening to Dr. Charles Stanley, followed the 30 life principles, and she read her Bible. I recall when she would go to the hospital on a number of occasions she would ask for four things: her Blackberry phone, her Bible, clothing, and her lotion. She didn’t have much, but she had love that poured out into others. She was a blessing to her community, caregivers, and extended family as she ministered to others and encouraged them. She left a good legacy. I miss you mom and love you.

This makes me think about what kind of a legacy am I leaving? I find it important to be in parenting classes and have a mentor which challenges me to remember what is most important. The times I didn’t participate in classes or have a mentor I struggled and swayed. I’ve also come to learn when I surround myself with others in a similar boat, I realize together we can face the same storm, praying and encouraging one another. I can learn from them and vice versa. We’re not meant to do life alone. We’re in this together.

So what about you? Are you surrounding yourself with a like minded community that encourages you and lifts you up in prayer? Are you living a life that leaves an impression on the loved ones around you? I hope this encourages you. Remember, you are filled with people around you who love you and are influenced by you.

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