Devotional e d of short study on Marriage.

Giving All to Follow Jesus  
Thoughts on the message

First, rich people have a difficult time getting to heaven because they will not put God ahead of their wealth. Money holds them so strongly that they cannot let go of it. Everyone wants to be wealthy, but God says it is a dangerous place. 

Second, Peter asks an important question: “What about us; we have left everything to follow You?”

I love Jesus’ answer. No one gives more to God than what we get back. You lose your family? God gives you a bigger family. You lose your family inheritance? God gives you an eternal inheritance that is greater than anything you miss here. You put everyone else ahead of you here on this earth? God will put you ahead of others in heaven. So never give up. Never turn back. Never.



Father, there are times I get tired of missing out on so much here on this earth. I struggle not having a home, not being close to my family (children, brothers and sisters, mom, grandchildren), or not having time for what I want to do. Like Peter, I ask the same question—do You really see what is happening? Yes, You see! I do not know what heaven will be like, but I know what I will have there is much greater than everything I gave up here on this earth. So today, help me to bless others. Help me to not worry about how about my future. Help me to just give everything I have today to You—my time, my strength, my focus, and my hopes and dreams. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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My Perspective vs God’s Perspective  
Thoughts on the message 

It is a powerful description of the difference between our thinking and God’s thinking.

Man: What must I do to be good enough for heaven?

Jesus: To be “complete”, you obey the law, have nothing ahead of God, and follow Jesus.

We have so many things attached to our lives. Our needs, our comfort, our dreams and hopes, our expectations for this life all impact how we follow Jesus. We wonder if we do a “good enough” job of following Jesus given all the challenges we face. Jesus’ answer to us is exactly the same—no there is none good enough. Jesus wants us to have nothing ahead of God—everything can be dropped at any moment so we can follow Him. Sometimes that is very painful. Sometimes so painful that we walk away rather than be obedient.


Father, I ask for forgiveness for trying to find out what is “good enough” for You in my life. I am asking what I can keep and still have You happy with me. Your answer is that everything must be given to You. That is hard sometimes. We all want to keep some things—and I am no different than anyone else. So today I offer everything again to You. It is painful because I have dreams and hopes like everyone else. Still, I would rather have Jesus than anything. In Jesus’ name. Amen.