How To Understand Life. By Timothy Baugh. July 18, 2019. (Visit at:

“Jesus said to her, (Martha) “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.” John 11:31. (English Standard Version.)   The obstacles that we all will face in life- the causes of all of Man’s sufferings- are ignorance of the Truth of Being, our own egoism that exalts itself above God, our attachment to things and people in life, our aversion to things and people in life, and our desire to cling to anything of life. Jesus, the Messiah, knew how the Jews of his day, and the people of any place or time, would question Life and Death. He specifically came to show us all HOW LIFE WORKS; to give us all knowledge of The Truth of Existence, which could ONLY be FOUND IN HIM!   People who today question even the condition called Life/Consciousness or Death/Non- consciousness will argue that there is NO EMPIRICAL “PROOF” of either. But…. LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS, so Jesus says, IS A PERSON! HIMSELF. Jesus, by implication, was telling Martha the most outrageous thing ever! He said essentially, you can read it yourself, I AM LIFE! And He also claimed to be LIGHT, and TRUTH, and CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF! WHO ELSE BUT “SUCH” WOULD EVEN DARE!   Some would say it’s all “lies” or “myth” or “make-believe” coming out of the mouth of ‘someone’. But even if Jesus wasn’t (which historically is IMPOSSIBLE to claim); He wouldn’t have people DIE for something that wasn’t even true! He was THE ONLY ONE OF ALL OF HISTORY who told us WHY WE EVEN EXIST. (See John 3:16). Look at my first statement, Jesus told us of how we should not love ANYTHING or ANYONE MORE THAN HIM! What person would even ‘write’ such about another! Certainly not a Jew that feared his life while living under Caesar’s rule! Let us thank “whoever” or “whatever” LIFE IS. BUT HIS “NAME” IS JESUS, THE MESSIAH.  

The Importance Of Faith. By Timothy Baugh. July 15, 2019.

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“Faith can never be proven. But then, God planned it that way.”~ Timothy Baugh.       Do you know that everything was created to be proven “non-existent”? You may exclaim, “WOAH, HOLD ON THERE! DID I READ THAT RIGHT?” God is “believed” by FAITH. Yet, Faith, even as a “concept” CAN BE CHALLENGED. God “planned” and “permitted” it to ‘BE’ this way. Why? I think because LOVE, which is the very ‘essence’ of GOD, could do no otherwise! LOVE would NEVER FORCE YOU to except ANYTHING against your will.   Today Humanity can “imagine” explaining away EVERYTHING OF EXISTENCE (if they care to), except THEMSELVES! God “planned” it this way to PROVE HIS EXISTENCE and (believe it or not) to GIVE US THE FREE CHOICE TO DENY HIM ALTOGETHER.   “Now STOP right there!” you shout. Consider…. What “better way” to PROVE His LOVE than to “permit” us to deny Him and EVERYTHING? And when we insanely try to “deny our own existence” as being entirely by chance; then what BETTER WAY to show us “the error of our way”! so to speak.   We can, as Atheists DO, DENY God. We can, as some Atheists DO, say EVERYTHING was ENTIRELY BY CHANCE. We can, say Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are “myths/fables/imaginary concepts”, WHATEVER. Yet, like the LOVE that a mother has for her newborn child; we CANNOT DENY that there is something INSIDE OF US that KNOWS of these things!   Yes, FAITH, as your own CONVICTION, can tell you anything you wish to believe. However, BEYOND FAITH, God’s LOVE, (even as a “concept”) CAN NEVER EVER BE DENIED HONESTLY! (Love, even as a “concept” of our own invention, had to come from SOMEONE to EVEN BE CALLED “LOVE”). LOVE…. IT IS REALLY THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING! (regardless of how you may choose to define it). AMEN!   “Now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13. (English Standard Version) and 1 John 4:8: “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.