How our behavior mimics the Love and Wisdom of God.

“The Lord’s divine love and wisdom are called an emanation because He Himself is our behavioral Teacher and “The Light of the World”. It is brought forth so that, in and of themselves are substance and form for instruction and security. His Divinity is an attitude of submission towards giving all of Creation His unsurpassed Love and Wisdom.”~ Timothy Baugh

The Way That Life Works. By Timothy Baugh.

I have my own way, as do you, of understanding how Life works. To me that means ALL, BEING, CONSCIOUSNESS, DISPOSITION, ESSENSE, No, I don’t understand “fully” (see previous words) GOD, HOLISTIC, IDENTITY, JESUS, KNOWLEDGE, MIND, NEBULOUSNESS, OMNI, PERSON, QUINTESSENCE, REALITY, SPIRIT, TRINITY, UNITY, VERIFIABLENESS, WHOLENESS, XENOGENESIS (spontaneous generation), and ZENITH. Yet… I understand that, without which, I cannot function day by day. Jesus of Nazareth, THE MOST HIGH GOD, the Messiah/Christ and my Lord and Savior.  I have learnt, although not a great mathematician, the Laws of Physics. There is truly, you, me, God, everyone, person, place or thing to start with, “A ONE AND ONLY”. But GOD has a Son. Now there’s 2. And the Holy Spirit (now there is three!). The ramifications extend beyond infinity’s scope.   What I am trying to get at here is this: YOU DEFINE (in your own parameters) YOUR LIFE! EVERYTHING that has to do with you. And whether you “actually have” a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION with “GOD” or not, You (and God, whether you admit it or not) are going through Life together towards Death. This again, is called “The Cycle of Life”, Eternal Life.   Buddhists believe in it, as do other religions. Concepts are both God and Man-made! NOW. STOP! CONCENTRATE INTENTLY ON WHAT YOU JUST READ ALTOGETHER. Suddenly, you have (along with God) the ANSWER TO YOUR LIFE. EVERYONES LIFE! Will you share “that much” with others? If nothing of what I say, think, or do makes any sense to you, please, ASK GOD!