From, ‘The Spiritual Life Journal (Journey).” (A personal journal entry- April 8, 2014.) By Timothy Baugh. March 21, 2019.

“As one day flows into the next; may I always move into my future by starting with yesterday.” Timothy Baugh.               With the passage of time comes experience and understanding. Wisdom is only developed by living out the Truth as you have received it. Learning any lesson is difficult only if you resist how it is being taught! Remember this, when you struggle; as such is not necessary. Stress comes from self-effort and one’s own will. Surrender to that True Source of power from God guarantees success in all one’s endeavors. Place yourself in the Master’s hands, and His perfection will flow through you. Jesus has said: “sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.” Difficulties shrink and diminish in size when viewed as ‘stepping stones’ towards emotional maturity. The path becomes easier as you perserve in humble long-suffering and patience. Then will you receive the “second wind”, the breath of the Holy Spirit to inspire you to move further ahead. Don’t waste precious moments trying to force yourself to do this or that. When you walk with the Lord, He holds your hand to lead and guide the way. Don’t worry about others and their walk. They must follow in the Light as well. Enough has been said. Do this and you will be blessed.   “Acquaint now thyself with him, (with God) and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.” Job 22: 21.

I Come To You. (A copyrighted song by Timothy Baugh.) March 21, 2019.

Many things I want to say are trapped inside my heart. You are on my mind each day, each morning from the start. When sadness tries to bring me down in You I find release. An overwhelming joy is mine no troubles can decrease.   (Chorus) And I come to You; You’re my strength from day to day. ‘Cause Your always there, and You’ll never turn away. So I thank You now for this comfort that You bring. When I come to You; When I come to You.   Life may fill me with suspense of what the future holds. Faith will be my best defense as destiny unfolds. And though I may lose everything I never will despair. For You cause my hope to spring, there’s nothing I can’t bear.   (Chorus) And I come to You; You’re my strength from day to day. ‘Cause You’re always there, and You’ll never turn away. So I thank You now for this comfort that You bring. When I come to You; When I come to You. 

From, “The Spiritual Life Journal. (Journey).” (A personal journal entry- April 7, 2014. By Timothy Baugh. For March 20, 2019.

Just like when the electric power goes off; so when God’s power is absent from our lives we may struggle to find the energy to combat or overcome our weaknesses. Operating in our own strength is hard until the Light comes to enlighten our way again. It has really never left us. It is just temporarily off. Patience in watching and waiting- ‘actively looking’ for the return; brings with its return many blessings.   When we feel like Life becomes predictable and routine, then we should look for how God can make even the most ordinary day sometimes more worthwhile and special. We learn by our mistakes. And like them or not, they tell us something all the same. I read today about the Prophet Balaam. (See Numbers, Chapter 22.) Even when our way is in direct opposition to the LORD; He can still achieve His Will and Purpose through us. We may resist His guidance and even fight His intention; but He will soon get our attention one way or another! May we surrender ‘our idea’ of how it should be done and seek God’s Will, not ours, from the start of each new day.   “But he knows the way that I take: when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10.