Meditating on the Commands of Christ (23): Do Not Think That I Will Accuse You

Summer Setting

Many people envision God as The Great Judge who will determine our eternal destiny by weighing our souls in the Balance of Life after we die. If our good works outweigh our bad works, we’ll be ushered into glory; but if our bad works outweigh our good works, we’ll be cast into hell. Is that what you think?

This is what the Pharisees thought, and this is what many religions teach, but this is not the way of Christ. He said, “If any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” (John 12:47-48). Jesus told the Pharisees that if they would only come…

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Abounding In Hope

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13(NKJV)

HOPE is the expectation that what you wished for will be realized. The Christian hope though, is not a wishful thinking. It is a Christian virtue that gives a believer the strength, purpose, patient and confidence to wait in expectation for the fulfilment of Gods promises

It is a fundamental principle of Christianity whereby a believer is promised a good future and a reward in following ChristThere is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut offProv. 23:18

For in hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?” Rom. 8:24
It is the “confident expectation” of what is firmly assured even when it is not very clear at that point in time. And so, its work is to keep in perspective what is to come and it has the capability to change its form from mere hope to faith when the required actions are taken.

Without hope life would have been so difficult, empty and meaningless. But when the righteous trust God and put their hope in Him, he will be helped and will not be disappointed

In the Bible’s record of the woman with the flow of blood in Matt. 9:2022; the woman who has suffered from bleeding for 12yrs said to herself “if only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well“,. That was hope! Then suddenly, shecame from behind and touched the hem of His garment“, and thats an active FAITH!

There is no hopeless situations out there for a true believer. The Bible saidChrist in you, the hope of gloryCol. 1:27. This was true of our father Abraham.

We read in the Bible that when everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway on what God said He would do, and for thathe became the father of many nationsRom. 4:18
There is hope for everyone in Christ Jesus because God fills us with joy and peace when we believed.We should therefore be overflowing withconfident hopethrough the power of the Holy SpiritRom. 15:13(NLT)

, we should really be excited, hopeful and expectant that the future is bright notwithstanding the medical conditions, financial situations and relationship difficulties of today.

Keep your hope alive and active. Whatever desire you nurture in your heart can still be achieved because Christ in you is an assurance that you will be rejoicing today, tomorrow and forever.


The Sealed Book Is The Bible. Copyrighted. (Rewritten, as inspired). An analogy by Timothy Baugh. (A long read but well worth it!) March 24, 2019.

(See Revelation, Chapter 5, verses 1-14 while reading this. The Holy Spirit now reveals the spiritual insights into the Scriptures.)       Great joy has now been given the saints! and who shall understand it but they alone? Thereby has sorrow been banished. Great grace has been given to His elect! and who shall receive it except those who have known and trusted His Word from the beginning. Is not His great love for His own? And shall they not be informed who have partaken of it since the beginning? Therefore, walk now, all ye in the knowledge of the Most High without any misunderstanding of His meaning: and that to His exultation of His intent. Even to the perfection of His knowledge. Be ye all of one mind.  For His thought was like a love letter; His will descended from on High. It was sent to pierce hearts like an arrow which is violently shot from a bow. Many hands rushed to the letter to seize it and to take and read it. But it escaped their fingers and they were frightened at it and the seal that was upon it. Because it was not permitted them to loose its seal: for the power that was over the seal was greater than they. Yet, those who saw it pursued after the letter rather than its spirit that they might know where it would settle, and who should read it and who should hear it. But the Lord brought ‘a wheel’ (the travel of this letter) to receive it. And so the wheel came over it. (It traveled to all the world). There was with it a sign of the Kingdom of God, and His true government. And everything which tried to move (alter or change) the wheel it mowed and cut down. It gathered against it a multitude of adversaries. And yet, it bridged the rivers (of opposition) and crossed over them. It rooted up many forests (overturned the confusing ideas and opinions of many minds) and made a broad path. (It made clear and understood everything). The haughty and proud ones became humbled. For to the meek and humble ones traveled the wheel of its progression. The letter was one of command. There were included in it all churches and religions. And there was seen as its Author, the originator Himself (Jesus Christ), even the Son of Truth from the Most High Father. He inherited and took possession of everything. And the thought (concerning God’s Word) of many was proven void. All the apostates then hasted and fled away. And those who persecuted and were enraged became extinct. The letter became a great volume, (the Holy Bible), which was wholly written by the finger (Spirit) of God. And the one name of the Father was on it, and of the Son and Holy Spirit, to reign forever and ever. Hallelujah and Amen!