Negative Self-Talk

Winter depression sad woman with Seasonal affective disorder girl grief stricken alone at home window thinking negative thoughts. Mental health banner panorama background.

Envision a day in your life when you are completely unaffected by what other people say or do. Seems impossible, right? Trust me, I get it. When it comes to being critical of ourselves, we all have an inner critic. The world says that the little voice in your head can actually be helpful in keeping you motivated towards your goals. For the Believer, the Holy Spirit is our voice of conviction and transformation that pushes us towards our purpose and destiny. On the other hand, when the voice you hear is negative and it brings you down this is not God this is the voice of the enemy. Negative self-talk is something we all have experienced, and it creates significant stress and can cause us to become depressed, not only is it harmful to us but to those around us if we are not careful. Here’s what you need to know: negative self-talk does not only have an effect on your mind, your life, those around you but it also impacts your health.

Negative self-talk can sound like you are just “keeping it real” so you say things like, “I should avoid this because I’m not good at it”  or it can sound down right hateful “ and you say things like, “man, I can never do anything right because I’m so stupid.” It may take on the view of just being realistic about a situation. For example, “ I just got a C on this test. I guess I suck at Math”  then it escalates into fear, “I’ll probably fail this course and never get my degree.” Being realistic about a situation as it relates to negative self-talk may sound like there is no harm in that but not only are you limiting yourself, you are liming God. Is there any situation that diminishes the power of God to make changes in your life or are you having confidence in your own ability to change?

Because of this, not only can it be extremely frustrating and stressful, but it can hinder your progress. It can affect you in some seriously damaging ways. Study shows that negative self-talk has been linked to mental heath issues. Focusing on negative thoughts leads to decrease motivation and a greater feeling of hopelessness. This type of negative internal dialogue has also been linked to depression so it’s definitely something we need to ask  the Holy Spirit to help us with. Those who engage in daily negative self-talk tend to be more stressed out. Partly, because their reality is having an inability to achieve the goals that they set for themselves. This is both due to not seeing God properly and themselves. This means this is due to perception that comes with a behavior (i.e. limited thinking, perfectionism, depression, relationship issues etc.).When your thoughts are negative it influences your mood. Start shifting your perceptive instead of looking at things that are wrong praise God for the things that are good. Say it aloud: “Lord I may not have the money I want to have, but I thank you that I’m not under a bridge.” Lord I may not have what I want to eat, but I thank you that I’m not going hungry.” When praises go up, blessings come down. Combat your negative thoughts with the Word of God. Mediate on that Word until it gets in your spirit.